30-Hour Basic Mediation Training (Middletown, NY)

September 11, 12, 13 & 14, 2017 (8:30am - 5:30pm)

Sequoia Stalder, Esq.

Dispute Resolution Center
210 East Main Street
Middletown, NY 10940

New York State CLE Approved
32 CLE Hours (includes 5 Ethics)
For both newly admitted and experienced attorneys

Approved under Part 146 by the NYS Unified Court System’s Office of ADR Programs.*

Join Stalder Mediation and The Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) for a comprehensive 30-Hour Mediation Training that covers the basic theory and skills of mediation in a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Participants will be introduced to the theoretical grounding underlying effective conflict interventions, as well as the practical skills and techniques necessary to assist parties in conflict. Participants will learn to de-escalate negative and unproductive conflict interactions while assisting parties to engage in productive dialogue, interest-based negotiation and effective decision-making.

The training includes conflict theory and styles, active listening techniques, the mediation process, the role of the mediator, ethics, the role of law and lawyers in mediation, and more. The material will be presented through lecture, demonstration, role play and practice.  Our approach starts you on the path to becoming a skilled mediator who is able to mediate in court-referred, community and private contexts.

*Note that final placement on any court roster is at the discretion of the local Administrative Judge and participation in a course that is either approved or pending approval does not guarantee placement on a local court roster.

About the Trainer:
Sequoia Stalder, Esq.

Sequoia Stalder is a recognized expert in mediation and conflict management. He is an attorney who regularly lectures and teaches in both private and academic settings and has a mediation practice focused on workplace, organizational and family disputes.

Sequoia provides beginner and advanced mediation trainings to a diverse array of professionals including lawyers, judges, therapists, teachers and others. He is certified by the New York State Court System’s Community Dispute Resolution Centers Program to provide 30-hour basic mediation trainings. Both his basic mediation training and divorce mediation training are certified under New York State Court Rule Part 146.

In addition to his private practice and trainings, Sequoia is an Adjunct Professor of negotiation and mediation at Columbia University’s International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution and a faculty member of the Center for Mediation in Law (Center for Understanding in Conflict).

Complementing his private sector work, Sequoia is the Director of Conflict Resolution Services and the Director of the Mediation Training Institute at New York Center for Interpersonal Development, a New York State Court-designated Mediation Center, where he oversees more than 700 mediation cases annually. Sequoia also currently serves as a member of the Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee for the New York State Courts.

Learn more about Sequoia’s practice and trainings at www.staldermediation.com and www.srmediators.com




The Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) has been providing mediation services, programs and trainings in the mid-Hudson and lower Catskill area since 1982. Serving Orange, Putnam, Sullivan and Ulster Counties, DRC has provided assistance to over 3,000 people annually. The private, not-for-profit agency operates under the auspices of the NYS Unified Court System’s Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvement Programs. In addition to the Community and Courts Mediation Program, DRC provides services and training programs in Divorce and Family Mediation, Workplace Mediation, Custody/Visitation Mediation, Special Education Mediation, Elder Mediation and a variety of other areas.

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For Attorneys (includes CLE): $1250
For Non-Attorneys: $750

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