Through our comprehensive trainings, Stalder Mediation teaches individuals and groups how to effectively mediate disputes and resolve conflicts in a variety of settings. We offer trainings to the general public as well as to private groups. Our training participants hail from a wide range of fields – law firms, private companies, government agencies, non-profits, social service organizations and others.

While our trainings differ in substance, all of our trainings utilize the same teaching methods, including lecture, large group discussion, small group discussion, demonstrations and role-plays applying mediation skills in simulated conflict scenarios. Central to our methodology is practicing the application of mediation skills and techniques through the use of these role-play scenarios, which are customized to reflect the conflict dynamics and interactions that training participants will encounter in their post-training work.

Specific training offerings are summarized below.

  • Basic Mediation Training

    Our signature training covers the basic theory and skills of mediation in a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Participants are introduced to the theoretical grounding underlying effective conflict interventions as well as the practical skills and techniques necessary to assist parties in conflict. Participants learn to de-escalate negative and unproductive conflict interactions while assisting both parties and their lawyers to engage in productive dialogue, interest-based negotiation and effective decision-making.
  • Divorce Mediation Training

    Our Divorce Mediation Training includes all aspects of our Basic Mediation Training with an additional focus on issues pertinent to mediating a divorce, including divorce law, financial aspects of divorce, parenting issues and family dynamics.  This training is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the conceptual backdrop, legal and emotional framework and advanced skills necessary to support their work in family and divorce mediation.  Utilizing a combination of interactive exercises, presentations and role-play work, this dynamic program will offer specialized techniques and practical information for managing the parenting and financial components of divorce within the context of the law and the interests of the parties.
  • Workplace Mediation Training

    This training includes all aspects of our Basic Mediation Training with an additional focus for participants on the skills and knowledge needed to mediate employee disputes, de-escalate conflict within a workplace environment and prevent litigation. Stalder Mediation also offers communications trainings for managers and employees in partnership with Overture Training LLC. For more information, visit
  • Customized & Other Trainings

    Stalder Mediation will work with you to customize a mediation training to meet the unique needs of your organization or group.  Trainings range from half-day to multi-day workshops, depending on your budget, timeframe and objectives.

Trainings - Stalder Mediation

Our trainings qualify for New York Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.  Our Basic and Divorce Mediation Trainings provide New York State Court Rules Part 146 Certification, which is required for mediators to participate in any court-referred mediation program in New York State.  In addition, our Divorce Mediation Training meets the mediation requirements of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals and the New Jersey Collaborative Law Group.